All Year FSC Qualifying Competition Competitors’ – Jackets

Attention: All Year FSC Qualifying Competition Competitors – Juvenile through Senior

The All Year FSC 2014-15 competitors’ jacket that was distributed this past Saturday at our club Jacket Party unfortunately contains a spelling error. “Competition” is spelled incorrectly. We have spoken to the embroiderer about how to rectify this situation. Please read the information below carefully to be aware of what actions will be taken.

1. Skaters who have already received competitors’ jackets and skaters willing to receive their jackets at the 2015 SWP Regional Championships registration desk:
Your name will be placed on a list of distributed jackets and given to the embroiderer for repair.
The embroiderer will send you a FedEx shipping label to mail the jacket back and it will be returned to you by the embroiderer – free of charge.

2. Skaters who have ordered but not yet received a competitors’ jacket:
Your jackets will be returned to the embroiderer and repaired,
The delivery arrangement you have with Helene Krasner will determine how you will receive your jacket.

3. If you do not receive a shipping label and are in the first category, please contact Helene at

4. If your jacket has your name spelled incorrectly, please note it upon return to the embroiderer. All names have been checked and we are aware of very few that are misspelled.

We estimate being able to provide the embroiderer with the distribution list approximately one week after regionals. We truly apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience. We want you to have your All Year FSC 2014-15 Competitors’ jacket and wear it proudly without spelling errors!!


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