2017 Qualifying Club Jackets

Attention Competitors for the 2017 Qualifying season:

You received an email regarding ordering your All Year FSC competition jacket by August 15, 2016.

Given the extremely tight timeline for the production and distribution of the jacket, we remind you that ordering your jacket by August 15th is extremely important. The club is working with the vendor so that we can receive your jackets in time. While we are attempting to have your jackets in time if ordered by August 15th, any jacket ordered AFTER August 15th for regionals cannot be guaranteed to arrive in time.

The club does not want to disappoint you but we are giving everybody notice of the circumstances. We appreciate your efforts and your ability to order prior to August 15th is especially appreciated. If you are NOT ordering a jacket and would like to contact Helene Krasner to let her know, please contact her.

All orders to:  Helene Krasner hjkrasner@gmail.com

Thank you, All Year FSC

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