2020 Golden West Champs Info

November 17, 2020

Dear Skating Community,

Due to the current rise in COVID-19 cases, we are seeing increased restrictions, regarding gatherings and events across the state of California. After much discussion and consideration of many factors, All Year FSC and our partner, Great Park Ice, have determined that we must cancel the 2020 Golden West Championships.

Even though the competition, at Great Park Ice, is being cancelled, All Year FSC is excited to announce that we have been working on a reimagined opportunity for many of the skaters who have continued to work and train, so hard, during these very difficult times. We will be launching the Golden West Round Up and evaluation. We are working on a combination of providing “in person” presentations and evaluations, as well as creating a “virtual” event that will also provide opportunity for an evaluation and a feedback from Tech Panel and Judging members.

We are quickly working on the details and will be putting out a formal announcement in the next several days. In general, we are looking at opening up an entry period from approximately November 23-November 30. Since this event will be cancelled in EMS and refunds provided, all interested athletes will need to register, again. We will be opening up Video submissions from approximately Dec.10-15, we hope to have all events judged by Dec. 20th and then critiques and discussions would occur during the next 10 days, through the holidays.

We realize many of you were looking forward to a “live” competition. We are, truly, sorry that we could not make that happen. However, we hope that this new, reimagined opportunity will help you, as you continue to work and train towards a brighter 2021. Refunds can be requested through EMS, or directly to Helene Krasner (hjkrasner@gmail.com) or Doug Williams (glidnby@yahoo.com) by November 30, 2020.

We are working on the details and will have more information, soon. Please stay tuned for updates and information

Thank you for your understanding,




Doug Williams
President, All Year FSC
Great Park Ice, Irvine, CA


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