Synchronized Skating

Coaches Jill Cipresso and Amanda Falkowski coach California Gold. Under their tutelage, the California Gold Senior team has been a member of Team USA since 2008. Jill and Amanda are eager and committed to growing more athletes to compete with this prestigious honor.

Junior requirements
– Ages 12-18
– Passed Intermediate MIF
– 3 Practices a week

Competitions include: Anaheim Ice (Anaheim), Dr. Porter (Michigan), Pacific Coast Sectionals (Chicago Area) and US Nationals (Colorado Springs)

Test requirements must be completed by December 1st, 2013 and age is calculated based on July 1st, 2013. In addition to joining the team other opportunities are also available through Scholarships, Committees, Awards and Honors. You can read more about those opportunities below.

Synchronized Skating is characterized by teamwork, speed, intricate formations and challenging step sequences. There are so many benefits to participating a with team, and synchronized skating is a great way for figure skaters to compete in a sport they love while enjoying all of the aspects of working with others in a team environment.


Facebook: California Gold

US Figure Skating Synchro promo video

Opportunities that come with synchronized skating:

DREAM program – 10 athletes (rotate 5 new athletes each year) – for Team USA Synchronized Skating Athletes

Athlete Funding

Scholastic Honors Team

AAC – 10 synchro athlete representatives

3A Award – 1 synchro skater chosen every year (Junior Team)


– Synchronized Team skating utilizes and advances your freestyle and dance skills at all levels
California Gold has a Beginner team at the East West Ice Palace skating school

Facebook: California Gold

Synchronized skating is a fast growing discipline within the United States and international skating communities.
It is a highly technical form of team skating characterized by speed, accuracy, intricate formations and breathtaking transitions.

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California Gold Synchronized Skating teams conclude their 2012 season with both the Senior and Novice teams showing incredible growth. December, they traveled to the Dr Richard Porter Classic in Ann Arbor, MI competing against teams from the US and Canada. January, the Novice team traveled to the Pacific Coast Sectionals in Dearborn, MI and won the Silver Medal. Days later, California Gold – Senior. Team USA, was off to Rouen, France for the French Cup. The 2012 French Cup was a challenging competition with the top junior and senior teams around the world competing for the top monetary prize. California Gold placed a respectable 7th behind six world teams. Both teams finished their season at the 2012 U.S. Synchronized Skating Championships in Worcester, MA. We are so proud of all the accomplishments the California Gold skaters have earned this season.

California Gold is looking forward to a competitive and enthusiastic 2012 / 2013 season. They are seeking skaters for Senior, Novice, Collegiate and Adult Teams. Synchronized Team skating utilizes and advances your freestyle and dance skills at all levels. Additionally, California Gold has a Beginner team at the East West Ice Palace skating school. If you are looking for a challenge – try synchronized skating! You can get information about California Gold workshops on their website or on Facebook: California Gold.

Skate with California Gold!

  • Coached by Jillian Cipresso and Amanda Falkowski
  • Train at the East West Ice Palace
  • Team levels within the U.S. Figure Skating structure and minimum qualifications:
  • Levels:
    1. Senior – Novice moves in the field and at least 14 years of age
    2. Novice – Juvenile moves in the field and under 16 years of age
    3. Juvenile – Preliminary moves in the field and under 13 years of age
    4. Development Teams – no moves test required and under 12 years of age
    5. Adult – Intermediate moves in the field and must be 21 year of age or older

Information and Contacts
Follow the skaters as they write about the season on their blog.


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