Tests Passed

On Sunday, May 31, All Year FSC held the annual meeting virtually. As we were not able to do “on ice awards” this year. We would like to recognize the outstanding achievement of all our Gold medalists this past season. Congratulations to each Gold medalist for achieving an important milestone in their skating career!

Congratulations to all AYFSC members who have passed tests!

Tests Passed: June 2019 – May 2020 (click here)

Senior Free Skate          Senior Free Dance
Bridget Davenport              Cordelia Pride
Beverly Laksana
Yaroslav Paniot
Ilana Plager
Hannah Tao

Gold Pattern Dance      Adult Gold Pair
Lucas Shadid                        Kirill Solovyev
Juliette Shadid
Raffaella Koncius
Isabella Hagan

Adult Gold Dance 21+
Kirill Solovyev


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