Practice Ice

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All skaters must register at the registration desk prior to skating any unofficial or official practice session. Skaters must turn in their music at the registration desk for the competition prior to being allowed on practice ice. An additional copy must be submitted to the Ice monitor for official practice ice, this additional copy will be returned immediately following the completion of the official practice ice session. There will NOT be any refunds after signing up for any unofficial or official practice ice sessions or for missed practice sessions due to any reason. Official practice ice is non-transferable.

Safety on the ice is the responsibility of the skater. The size and makeup of practice ice groups will be determined by the Chief Referee and/or the LOC. Skaters are expected to follow usual rink etiquette. Coaching shall be from behind the side boards. Coaches are not permitted to be in the music box or on the platform for the officials. Skaters who are not skating shall leave the ice surface to rest or converse. Only credentialed coaches and credentialed athletes will be permitted in the restricted areas with access to the ice.

Official practice ice will be available in 30 minute segments. Official practice ice fee is $25.00. The length of official practice ice will be contingent on competition level and number of skaters per group as determined by the Chief Referee, Larry Kriwanek. Practice ice is to be purchased online only at and use the Entryeeze link. The entryeeze link will open on September 2, 2014. The deadline to purchase practice ice is September 23, 2014. Each skater’s music will be played once on an official practice session. Each skater’s music will be played once on an official practice session. Juvenile competitors may purchase one official practice ice session ($25). Intermediate- Senior competitors official practice ice will be sold as a package as two official practice sessions ($50), no single sessions will be sold. All other practice ice reserved must be unofficial practice ice.

May be purchased from the LOC online through Entryeeze.
The Entryeeze link will open on September 2, 2014.
If there is space available, unofficial ice may be purchased at the registration desk (cash or check only). The LOC will announce unofficial practice ice availability on this website.
Each Session will be available in 30 minute segments for $25 per session. MUSIC WILL NOT BE PLAYED.

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