2014 U.S. Championships

Congratulations to All Year FSC medalists at the 2014 U.S. Championships!

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Congratulations to Madison Chock, with partner Evan Bates for being named to the 2014 USA Olympic Team!


2014 Olympic Figure Skating Team (minus the Men)
Photo: Twitter/@MichelleWKwan, @LadwigMark


Madison Chock, Evan Bates

Madison Chock (with Evan Bates, Ann Arbor FSC)
AP Photo

















All Year Skaters – Olympic team nominations:
2014 U.S. Olympic Team – Ladies Singles Nominations
Alternate No. 3 – Courtney Hicks

2014 U.S. Olympic Team – Pairs Nominations
Alternate No. 3 – Brandon Frazier (with Haven Denney)

2014 U.S. Olympic Team – Ice Dance Nominations
Madison Chock and Evan Bates
Alternate No. 3 – Lynn Kriengkrairut (with Logan Giulietti-Schmitt)

Championship Men (after the short program)
5th – Richard Dornbush
16th – Phillip Warren


Richard Dornbush
Photo: IceNetwork/Jay Adeff










Championship Dance
2nd – Madison Chock with Evan Bates, Ann Arbor FSC
6th – Lynn Kriengkrairut with Logan Giulietti-Schmitt, Ann Arbor FSC
9th – Colin Brubaker with Alissandra Aronow, Arctic FSC
17th – Gabriela Morrell Zucker with Andrejs Sitiks, Gardens FSC of Maryland
18th – Pauline Bynum with Jason Deveikis, Ann Arbor FSC


Colin Brubaker with
Alissandra Aronow, Arctic FSC
Photo: IceNetwork/Jay Adeff


Madison Chock with Evan Bates, Ann Arbor FSC
Photo: IceNetwork/Jay Adeff


Lynn Kriengkrairut with Logan Giulietti-Schmitt, Ann Arbor FSC
Photo: IceNetwork/Jay Adeff











Championship Ladies 
6th – Courtney Hicks
10th – Leah Keiser
19th – Caroline Zhang
20th – Vanessa Lam


Leah Kesier
Photo: IceNetwork/Jay Adeff












Championship Pairs

5th – Brandon Frazier with Haven Denney, Panthers FSC
9th – Lindsay Davis and Rockne Brubaker


Photo credit; IceNetwork/Jay Adeff


Photo credit; IceNetwork/Jay Adeff










Junior Ladies
2nd – Tyler Pierce
9th – Elizabeth Nguyen


Tyler Pierce
Photo: IceNetwork/Jay Adeff


Elizabeth Nguyen
Photo: IceNetwork/Jay Adeff












Junior Men
10th –  Nix Phengsy


Photo credit; IceNetwork/Jay Adeff

Junior Dance
6th – Chloe Lewis, with Logan Bye, SC of New York
14th – Kelsey Barnes with Douglas Stevenson, Rocky Mountain FSC


Photo credit; IceNetwork/Jay Adeff


Junior Pairs
6th  – Joshua Santillan  with Olivia Oltmanns, Yarmouth Ice Club


Photo: IceNetwork/Chad Phillips












Novice Pairs
1st  – Ai Setoyama & David Botero, All Year FSC
3rd  – Jessica Lee (with Robert Hennings, Los Angeles FSC)


Ai Setoyama & David Botero
Photo credit; IceNetwork/Jay Adeff


Jessica Lee (with Robert Hennings,
Los Angeles FSC)
Photo: Doug Williams










Novice Dance
11th – Michael Valdez with Alexis Middleton (Los Angeles FSC)

Novice Men
Harrison Wong – 6th

Intermediate Men
1st – Kellen Johnson
11th – Patrick Frohling


Kellen Johnson
Photo: IceNetwork/Chad Phillips










Intermediate Pairs 
2nd -Matthew Scoralle with Alexandria Schmainda, South Bay FSC


Photo: IceNetwork/Chad Phillips













Intermediate Dance
4th – Scott Wenner with Eleanor Babaev, Ann Arbor FSC


Photo credit; IceNetwork/Jay Adeff


Juvenile Girls
4th –  Starr Andrews


Starr Andrews (left)
Photo: Doug Williams

Juvenile Boys
2nd –  Paul Yeung


Paul Yeung (left)
Photo credit: Jay Adeff/IceNetwork


Juvenile Pairs
8th –  Cecilia Wright and William Wright

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