2014 Pacific Coast Adult Sectionals


Congratulations to all competitors at the 2014 Pacific Coast Adult Sectionals!

We would like to extend a huge thank you to all of our volunteers.
Without you we could not run our events.
LOC Chair: Rainer Kokotakis
Chief Referee: Doug Williams
Registrar: Helene Krasner
Hospitality: Kelley Valadez and Cindy Wachi
Music and Announcing: Dan Heslin and TomClark
Practice Ice: Jessica Scieszinski

Thanks also to Center Ice Arena management and staff!

Congratulations to AYFSC adult skaters who competed and qualified for the 2014 U.S. Adult Championships!

Event Photos

Championship/Qualifying Events

Championship Adult Gold Ladies – 4th– Jessica Scieszinski
Championship Adult Gold Men – 3rd– Marco Pizzo
Championship Intermediate-Novice Ladies – 4th– Priscilla Heaton
Championship Intermediate-Novice Men – 2nd – Charles Huang
Championship Masters Junior-Senior Ladies
1st – Natalie Shaby
3rd – Lisa Lockwood

All Results

Championship Adult Gold Ladies
4th– Jessica Sciezinski
6th – Julia Caito
18th– Erin Dillon

Championship Intermediate-Novice Ladies
4th– Priscilla Heaton
8th– Caitlin Ramsey

Adult Masters Junior-Senior
1st – Lisa Lockwood

Adult Masters Intermediate-Novice
2nd – Priscilla Heaton

Adult Gold Ladies I
2nd– Jessica Sciezinski
5th– Samantha Schecter

Adult Bronze Ladies III FS
1st– Patricia Yamada
3rd – Christina Ramirez
8th– Melinda Leverett

Adult Bronze Men III & IV FS
2nd – Ben Daidone

Adult Bronze Ladies IV FS
2nd – Melissa Parker

Adult Silver Ladies III FS
2nd – Diana Fernandez
6th– Chris Wilson

Adult Silver Ladies IV & V FS
1st– Merry Neitlich

Adult Bronze Men III & IV Dramatic
2nd – Ben Daidone

Adult Bronze Ladies III Dramatic
1st– Christina Ramirez

Adult Bronze Ladies IV &IV Dramatic
6th– Melissa Parker

Adult Silver Light Entertainment
2nd – Merry Neitlich
6th– Chris Wilson

Adult Masters Ladies III Light Entertainment
1st– Priscilla Heaton

Adult Gold Ladies I Dramatic
2nd – Jessica Sciezinski
4th– Samantha Schecter

Adult Silver Ladies III Dramatic
1st – Debra Curtis

Adult Gold Ladies I Light Entertainment
1st – Jessica Sciezinski

Adult Master Ladies II Dramatic
4th– Lisa Lockwood

Adult Master Ladies III Dramatic
2nd – Priscilla Heaton

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