2015 Pacific Coast Adult Sectionals – Results

imageedit_1_82714945112015 Pacific Coast Adult Sectionals – Results

Congratulations to all the AYFSC skaters who competed this weekend!



Championship Events

Championship Masters Junior-Senior Ladies
1st, Natalie Shaby

Championship Adult Gold Ladies
1st, Rochelle Revor
2nd, Jessica Scieszinski
3rd, Julia Caito
8th, Erin Dillon

Championship Adult Gold Men
3rd, Marco Pizzo

Championship Masters Intermediate-Novice Men
2nd, Charles Huang


Freeskate Events
Adult Gold Ladies
2nd, Jessica Scieszinski – Group A
5th, Erin Dillon – Group B

Masters Junior-Senior Ladies
2nd, Natalie Shaby

Adult Silver Ladies – Group C
1st, Merry Neitlich

Adult Silver Ladies – Group B
2nd, Debra Curtis

Adult Bronze Men – Group B
1st, Ben Daidone

Adult Bronze Ladies – Group B
5th, Elizabeth Chung

Adult Pre-Bronze Ladies – Group A
4th, Tamara Schiern


Showcase Events

Adult Bronze Men – Dramatic
2nd, Ben Daidone

Adult Bronze Ladies Dramatic Showcase – Group B
3rd, Elizabeth Chung

Adult Silver Ladies Light
2nd, Merry Neitlich
4th, Debra Curtis
Sonja Reese, withdrew

Adult Gold Ladies Dramatic
1st, Jessica Scieszinski
2nd, Julia Caito,

Adult Bronze Ladies Light
5th, Elizabeth Chung

Adult Gold Men – Dramatic
3rd, Marco Pizzo

Masters Ladies Dramatic
2nd, Rochelle Revor
6th, Bobbi Brown-McCrae


Solo Dance Events

Gold Solo Dance
2nd, Rochelle Revor

Bronze Solo Dance
1st, Jessica Scieszinski

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