Past Competition Results

2013 All Year FSC Open Competition

6.0 Results
IJS Results

Congratulations to ALL of our competitors at the 2012 Southwest Pacific Regional Championships! We are proud of each and every one of you!

** FIVE Southwest Pacific Regional CHAMPIONS! **
Vanessa Lam – Senior Ladies
Philip Warren – Senior Men
Vincent Zhou – Junior Men
Tyler Pierce – Novice Ladies
Akari Nakahara – Juvenile Girls

* * * * *

Medalists – places 1-4
Senior Ladies CR
– 1st -Vanessa Lam
– 2nd -Carolyn-Ann Alba
– 3rd – Sophia Adams
– 4th – Anna Malkova

Senior Men CR
– 1st – Philip Warren
– 3rd- Jonathan Cassar
– 4th – Andrew Gonzales

Junior Ladies CR
– 3rd – Taylor Sirset

Junior Men CR
– 1st Vincent Zhou
– 2nd Nix Phengsy

Novice Ladies CR
– 1st – Tyler Pierce
– 2nd- Elizabeth Nguyen

Intermediate Ladies CR
– 2nd – Caitlin Nguyen
– 3rd – Runa Maeda
– 4th- Ai Setoyama

Intermediate Men CR
– 3rd- Brandon Amaral
– 4th – Michael Valdez

Juvenile Girls CR
– 1st -Akari Nakahara
– 2nd -Leslie Meisel

* * * * *

2012 Golden West Championships Results

Results, 9/2/2012
Juvenile Boys Freeskate
Open Juvenile Boys Freeskate
Intermediate Men Freeskate
Novice Ladies Final
Novice Men Freeskate
Junior Ladies Freeskate
Junior Men Freeskate
Senior Ladies Freeskate
Senior Men Freeskate
Adult Silver Men
Adult Silver Ladies
Adult Masters Ladies

Results, 9/1/2012
Preliminary Girls
Pre Juvenile Girls Final
Juvenile Pairs Short Program
Juvenile Pairs Freeskate
Intermediate Ladies Final
Intermediate Men Short Program
Novice Ladies Short Program
Novice Men Short Program
Novice Pairs Freeskate
Novice Pairs Final
Junior Ladies Short Program
Junior Pairs Freeskate
Junior Men Short Program
Senior Ladies Short Program
Senior Men Short Program
Senior Pairs Freeskate

Results, 8/31/2012
Pre Preliminary Boys
Pre Preliminary Girls
Preliminary Boys
Pre Juvenile Girls Group A, Qualifying
Pre Juvenile Girls Group B, Qualifying
Open Juvenile Girls
Juvenile Girls Final
Intermediate Ladies Short Program
Novice Ladies Group A, Qualifying
Novice Ladies Group B, Qualifying
Novice Pairs Short Program
Junior Pairs Short Program
Senior Pairs Short Program

Juvenile Girls Group A, Qualifying
Juvenile Girls Group B, Qualifying
Juvenile Girls Group C, Qualifying
Intermediate Ladies Group A, Qualifying
Intermediate Ladies Group B, Qualifying
Intermediate Ladies Group C, Qualifying



2012 All Year FSC Club Competition Results

Results – 6/2/12
Results – 6/3/12

* * * * *

2012 Non Qualifying Event Results – SWP Regionals
Pre Preliminary through Pre Juvenile
Open Juvenile

2011 Golden West Results – IJS
2011 Golden West Results – 6.0


2010 Pacific Coast Sectionals

2010 Southwest Pacific Regional Championships

2009 Southwest Pacific Regional Championships

2009 Golden West Championships – Results

2009 AYFSC Club Competition – Results – IJS
2009 AYFSC Club Competition – Results – 6.0

2009 Pacific Coast Adult Sectional Championships































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