2016 Pacific Coast Sectional Championships Results

imageedit_6_2618551276Congratulations to all AYFSC competitors
at the 2016 Pacific Coast Sectional Championships!

Juvenile Dance
1st – Layla Karnes with Jeffrey Chen (Peninsula SC)
2nd – Kenan Slevira with Alice Serbin (North Star FSC)
3rd – Ambrosia Vaske with Davis Otonward (Broadmoor SC)

Juvenile Pairs
3rd – Ben Spiers with Ella Grace Judd (Los Angeles FSC)
6th – Samantha Edwards and Blake Edwards




Juvenile Girls
1st – Savannah Stroyke
4th – Karen Lee
8th – Neva Hidajat

Juvenile Boys
8th – Thomas Hsu

Intermediate Ladies
2nd – Jacqueline Lee
5th – Beverly Zhu
6th – Altice Sollazo
8th – Kaia Culotta

Intermediate Dance
1st – Juliette Shadid and Lucas Shadid
2nd – Palmer Middlekauf with Rebecca Schapira (Arctic FSC)

Intermediate Pairs
2nd- Altice Sollazo and Paul Yeung
3rd – Cecilia Wright and William Wright

Novice Ladies
2nd – Starr Andrews
4th – Nhi Do
6th – Emma Coppess

Novice Men
2nd – Paul Yeung
9th – Patrick Frohling

Novice Dance
1st – Jillian Moyer with Jarred Druzynski (La Jolla FSC)
5th – Oliver Burris with Emma Probus (Central Florida FSC

Novice Pairs
3rd – Emma Coppess with Robert Hennings (Los Angeles FSC)
4th – Sapphire Jaeckel and Matthew Scoralle

Junior Ladies
1s t- Akari Nakahara
4th – Vanna Giang
5th – Morgan Flood
11th – Runa Maeda

Junior Men
1st – Sean Conlon
5th – Daniil Shamis

Junior Dance
2nd – Chloe Lewis with Logan Bye (SC of NY)
4th – Elizabeth Addas with Jonathan Schultz (FSC of Southern California)
5th – Michael Valdez with Rachel Brozina (Pavilion SC of Cleveland Heights)

Junior Pairs
1st – Ai Setoyama with David-Alexandre Paradis (Los Angeles FSC)
3rd – Jessica Lee with Brandon Kozlowski (Skokie Valley SC)

Senior Ladies
1s t- Carly Gold

Senior Men
3rd – Scott Dyer

Senior Dance
2nd – Collin Brubaker with Alissandra Aronow (Arctic FSC)

Novice Pairs
2nd – Ainsley Peterson (w/partner Kristofer Ogren (Kansas City FSC)

Senior Pairs
1st – Joshua Santillan with Jessica Pfund (Southwest Florida FSC)

Senior Dance
3rd – Gabriele Morrell Zucker with Andrejs Sitiks (University of Delaware FSC)

Junior Dance
6th – Scott Wenner with Eleanor Babaev (Ann Arbor FSC)

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