2016 U.S. Adult Championships



2016 U.S. Adult Championships
Ann Arbor, MI
April 5-9, 2016

Congratulations to AYFSC adult skaters who competed last week at the 2016 U.S. Adult Championships!







Blog (written by AYFSC member, Lexi Rohner)


Marco Pizzo
1st – Championship Adult Gold Men
2nd – Adult Gold Men III

Debra Curtis
9th – Adult Silver Light Entertainment Skate III
7th – Adult Silver Ladies III

Rochelle Revor
2nd – Championship Adult Gold Ladies
1st – Adult Gold Ladies I
3rd – Adult Gold Solo Dance (1st & 2nd dances)

Jessica Scieszinski
6th – Championship Adult Gold Ladies
5th – Adult Gold Ladies I
3rd – Adult Pre-Silver Solo Dance (2nd dance)
8th – Adult Pre-Silver Solo Dance (1st dance)
1st – Adult Gold Dramatic Skate I

Julia Caito (withdrawn)
Caitlin Ramsey (withdrawn)


Club Awards
With only four skaters, AYFSC placed 6th in the 1st annual club awards! (based on points earned)

Clubs over 175 members
1. Washington FSC 71
2. Los Angeles FSC 51 / 2. St. Moritz ISC 51
4. Detroit SC 46.5
5. Peninsula SC 44
6. All Year FSC 35
7. DuPage FSC 34
8. University of Delaware FSC 32
9. SC of New York 26
10. Ann Arbor FSC 23

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