2017 USFS Graduating Seniors Program

grad2017 USFS Graduating Seniors Program 

Congratulations to the All Year FSC skaters who have been recognized as part of the 2017-2017 USFS Graduating Seniors Program!


Graduating Senior Awardees, All Year Figure Skating Club:

Gold Level

  • Niki Monazzam
  • Michelle Li
  • Victoria Giang

Platinum Level

  • Da Hyun Jung
  • Nicole Olson
  • Paul Yeung
  • Patrick Frohling
  • Rachel Dolan
  • Jessica Lee
  • Heather Perenishko

Silver Level

  • Shannen Wu

The Graduating Senior Award program recognizes student-athletes who have worked hard to pursue figure skating while maintaining their academics. While figure skating is not a traditional school sport, it requires the same dedication, perseverance and time management as any varsity sport. It is the goal of U.S. Figure Skating to help ensure these student-athletes are recognized for those skills.

There are four categories of recognition based on competition and test achievements in all disciplines of figure skating. Student-athletes are rewarded based on their highest level of achievement at either the Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze level. There is no cost for this program and the student-athletes apply online by March 1 of their senior year. Following the application review process, U.S. Figure Skating sends the student-athlete their awards certificate, congratulatory letter and lapel pin. This year, awards are being presented to over 700 student-athletes.


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