2019 Curtain Call Thanks

Thank you to all of our officials and volunteers! Without you our competitions could not run so well!

Competition Co-Chair: Tami Schiern Sibulkin
Competition Co-Chair Sherrie Connor

Registrar – Helene Krasner
Referee – Morry Stillwell
Accountant – Elda Stillwell
Accounting – Jayne Rendel
Accounting – Byron Chan

Stefanie Mathewson
Jill Montgomery
Ron Pfenning
Cheryl Nickel
Janis Engel
Stephen Kawalko
Waverly Huston
Zoe Perez
Ariel Davidov

Exhibition Officials
Richard Dwyer
Morry Stillwell
Jason Slinger

Registration Chair – Marina Nash
Hospitality Chair – Janeen Christoff
Skater Gifts and Awards Chair – Carolyn Moreno
Program/Badge Chair – Tracy Kemper
Announcing – Jeff Rendel, Mike McGuire
Music – Joel Smulson
Operations – Charlie Miltimore
Facilities – Ray Sibulkin

Pam Drake
Meghan Machin
Alex King
Kaisy Stoutsenburger
Darla Sibulkin
Kaytlin Ghyczgy
Molly Rendel
Chet Nash
Robbie Drake
Sarah Connior
Will Kemper
Andrea Judd
Taya Bruniga
Caleigh Moreno
Anita Sollazo
Ana Duke
Kellie Purser
Shannen Montes
Bill Edwards
Lisa Edwards

Rink Thanks 
Owner, Iceoplex – Scott Slinger
Owner, Iceoplex – Chris Ford
Manager, Iceoplex – Jay Collins
Rink Operations Shane – Boudreaux

Richard Dwyer & Morry Stillwell







Richard Dwyer, Elda Stillwell & Jason Slinger Photo credit: Cynthia Slawter














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