2018 National Showcase

Congratulations to all AYFSC members who competed at the 2018 National Showcase last week!

Pacific Edge Production Team – 3rd place with Aladdin
Blake Edwards, Noelle Basta, Samantha Edwards, Mary Martin, Robbie Drake, Kate Mullen, Courtney Bunch, Kasey Breul, Cora Sibulkin, Sarah Connor, Isabella Yung

Mini Production – 2nd
Madison Taylor, Kaydra Alami, Courtney Bunch, Kate Mullen, Mahisha Withanage, Sarah Connor, Kasey Breul

Mini Prodction – 4th
Stella Maples, Ashlyn Dudley, Leah Scrantom, Robbie Drake, Mary Martin, Chloe Bruel

PreJuv Light
– Leah Scrantom 1st, 2nd in reskate
– Kate Mullen 2nd, 3rd in reskate
– Kasey Breul,  7th

Teen Duet 2nd – 4th in reskate
Mary Martin, Kasey Breul

Teen Duet – 4th and 3rd in reskate
Leah Scrantom, Stella Maples

Pre Juv Duet – 7th
Courtney Bunch, Kate Mullen

Preliminary Light
– Ashlyn Dudley, 2nd and 4th in final
– Courtney Bunch, 12th

Preliminary Light Duet – 4th
Ashlyn Dudley, Kaydra Alami

Teen Light
– Stella Maples 1st, reskates 2nd
– Mary Martin 5th

Culver Ice, The Healy Twins – 2nd Pre-Juv Duets
Copeland and Delgado- 3rd Teen Duet
Kutcher and Paige- 4th Novice Duets
Burrows and Silverman – 3rd Junior Duet
Isabella Healy- 3rd Pre-Juv Dramatic
Kasey Kutcher – 3rd in Initial – 2nd in FINAL Novice Dramatic
Culver Ice Productions Senior Team- 5th Mini Production B
Denim Copeland – 4th Teen Dramatic
Lili Burrows 2nd / Teresa Delgado 4th- Teen Dramatic
Alexandria Silverman- 1 st Junior Light
Zoe Brandt- 3rd Teen Dramatic
Sofia Healy- 1st Pre-Juv Light
Brandt and Delgado- 1st in initial and 2nd in FINAL Teen Duet

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