2019 U.S. Adult Championships

Congratulations to all AYFSC competitors who competed at the 2019 U.S. Adult Championships in Salt Lake City, UT!

USFS Fan Zone – Results

Competitors were in all disciplines: Singles, Pairs, Dance and Artistic

8 skaters / 21 starts / 11 medals

AYFSC also took 3rd in the team trophy!

Pictured clockwise: Natalie Shaby, Kirill Solovyev, Serafine Ong, Rochelle Revor, Katie O’Connor, Ben Daidone, Caitlin Ramsey, Marco Pizzo


Championship Silver Ladies
Katie O’Connor – 5th

Championship Gold Men
Serafine Ong – 2nd
Marco Pizzo – 5th

Championship Masters Junior/Senior Ladies
Natalie Shaby – 4th

Championship Masters Pairs
Kirill Solovyev (w/Diana Cheng) – 4th

Championship Adult Dance
Kirill Solovyev (w/Diana Cheng) – 7th



Bronze Men 4
Ben Daidone – 3rd

Silver Ladies 1
Katie O’Connor – 1st

Gold Men 1/2
Serafine Ong – 3rd

Gold Men 3
Marco Pizzo – 1st

Masters Intermediate/Novice Ladies 1
Rochelle Revor – 8th

Masters Junior/Senior Ladies 3
Natalie Shaby – 1st


Masters Pairs
Kirill Solovyev (w/Diana Cheng) – 2nd


Gold Solo Pattern Dance
Rochelle Revor – 4th
Caitlin Ramsey – 8th

Gold Solo Free Dance
Caitlin Ramsey – 7th

Gold Dance
Kirill Solovyev (w/Diana Cheng) – exhibition

Centennial Dance
Natalie Shaby (w/Roland Suckale) – 5th


Bronze Dramatic 4
Ben Daidone – 7th

Masters Dramatic 1
Rochelle Revor – 5th

Masters Dramatic 3
Natalie Shaby – 1st

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