2020 AYFSC Membership Letter – Covid-19 Updates

A letter from AYFSC President, Doug Williams: 

Dear All Year FSC Members and families,

The entire AYFSC Board of Directors and I hope that each of you are staying safe and healthy during these difficult and unprecedented times. As I am sure that each of you are doing, we are monitoring the information and guidelines provided by the federal government, as well as state, county, and city officials. We are hoping that the time is near, when we can safely return to the ice rinks and regain some level of “normal”.

When we are able, to leave our homes for things such as going to the ice rink or the movie theater, it will take cooperation and understanding to find the new “normal”. It will look a bit different, at first, if not for some time to come. It is going to take time for the ice rinks and sports facilities to implement new procedures for doing their business and skaters to interact with staff, coaches and friends as they reenter the facilities. Once on the ice, it will take time to regain their skills and abilities and for coaches to institute new ways to engage and train their students and to get them ready for the next test and/or competition. Just as coaches and skaters will need to navigate new rules and restrictions, Officials and parents will also need to learn new ways to recreate the “team” that is so important to each athlete.

With all the uncertainties around the virus and how it will continue to affect our events and our lives, here is a list of actions the Board has taken to this point.

  • 2020 Curtain Call – this event was cancelled in April. If you had entered, you will have received a refund, or your entry was shifted to the 2020 All Year Open Competition. If you have any questions regarding the refund, please check with the registrar, Helene Krasner. (hjkrasner@gmail.com)
  • 2020 All Year Open Competition – The event is not cancelled, yet. We will keep you updated.
  • Test Sessions – We are not accepting any applications for any tests at this time. If you had previously signed up for a session, the respective test chair(s) will be in touch with you as rinks begin to reopen. We will do our best to reschedule cancelled sessions and add new sessions to the list, as they become possible.
  • The All Year FSC Annual Meeting will be held through an online video conference at noon on Sunday, May 31, 2020. Watch for details. 
  • Board Elections and voting will be completed electronically. You should have received your ballots via e-mail. Please be sure to respond to the ballot and please sign your proxy over to a board member if you will not be on the annual meeting video conference.
  • 2020 Golden West Championships – The event is scheduled for September 4-6, 2020. At this time, we are hoping rinks will be operating and that we will be able to host this annual event during these dates.
  • 2020-2021 Membership renewal – Renewals will be sent out soon. All Year will be providing a discount on some membership categories this season. We hope this will help many of you during these difficult times.
  • Junior Board – The Junior Board has been busy, recently, catching up with All Year FSC athletes, officials, coaches and volunteers. Be on the lookout for some interviews that will be posted on the AllYear FSC YouTube Channel.

U.S. Figure Skating updates:

I am looking forward to seeing each of you, again. The board is here to try and help you with any ideas or concerns you might have. It will truly take a village to work through the guidelines and facility restrictions that might be applied to many of the areas of the ice rinks we may have previously taken for granted. We are in this together and we will work through these challenges together.

Please stay well and do not hesitate to contact us. We love to hear from our membership.


Doug Williams
President, All Year FSC

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