2020 Golden West Champs Info

Dear Skating Community,

We were very sorry that we had to cancel Golden West as a competition this season. However, we are making an effort to provide you with some critiques and feedback on your programs.

We have a very short entry window for skaters to sign up for a “virtual performance“. Skaters will be provided an opportunity to upload a video of their performance. We will then have a tech panel and judges assigned to provide skaters with their protocol and an opportunity for a virtual critique with a couple of members of the Officials panel.

Additionally, we have a bit of ice time available on Saturday and Sunday (Dec. 12 & 13) where we will have on-ice/in-person evaluations. Since ice time is limited, we are limiting the in-person opportunity to Novice through Senior Singles and Pairs. We will have a tech panel and judges in attendance providing an evaluation and protocol for you.

The entry portal, on Entryeeze, was opened today, December 4. It will be open until Dec.10. We hope that you are all staying safe and healthy and we are trying our best to provide you with an opportunity to track your progress and get some feedback on your performance.

Thank you and wishing you all a Safe, Healthy and Happy Holiday.
All Year FSC Board of Directors


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