All Year Open Championships 

All Year Open Championships 
June 3 & 4, 2023
Hosted by: All Year Figure Skating Club



Congratulations to Violet Kim, winner of the 2023 Helene Krasner Award for the most entertaining No Test free skate performance at the 2023 All Year Open! Thank you to the AYFSC Junior Board for judging. Second photo is Violet with Junior Board Member, Anna Florit-Scarvelis. Photo credit: Cynthia Slawter Photography.






Congratulations to Yue Xu, who won the 2023 All Year Open Most Outstanding Performance Award!
Photo credit: Cynthia Slawter Photography





You can help make this event a success by volunteering. No amount of time is too small. We are grateful for any time you may have to offer.


Volunteers usually have the best view in the rink! Students who volunteer can bring in forms to be signed for school credit.

Thank you!

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