Junior Board

The AYFSC Junior Board sponsors fundraising projects and parties
for junior members throughout the skating year. If you have questions or suggestions,
please contact:

Junior Board Advisor(s)

Junior Board e-mail 

2020-2021 Officers  

  • President – Molly Rendel
  • Vice President – Hannah Welke
  • Treasurer – Courtney Phillips
  • Secretary – Chase Rohner 
  • Social Media Coordinator – Claire Lemus

2020-21 Board Members

  • Hayley Daniels
  • Renee Du
  • Parva Khalighi
  • Michelle Lee
  • Lindsay Mattenson
  • Isabella Mendoza
  • Jessica Lee
  • Kanon Smith
  • Michael Xie
  • Bethanie Luu

Participation on the Junior Board is open to home club members

of All Year FSC between ages 12 and 17.

For more information, please contact the Junior Board Advisor.



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