Test Sessions / Virtual Testing

Virtual Testing
Virtual Test sessions will be held once per month. Invitations to test are not required. Tests are available for the pre-preliminary level and up (MIF and FS) as well as all pairs and dance tests. There is no need to rent private ice to record tests, however there should be no more than 8 skaters on the ice during the test. Please refer to the Virtual Testing Video Requirements link at the bottom of this page for detailed instructions on recording and to TN 261 for USFS rules on virtual testing.

Skaters should register via Entryeeze and submit the following:

1) Performance Affidavit
2) Name and Likeness Agreement
3) Coach checklist
4) Link to test video
* Videos MUST be YouTube, and submitted at the same time test is registered on Entryeeze

Virtual Test Session Coach Checklist

           Coach verifies                Initials

  • Skater’s USFS membership is current      _____
  • I have reviewed the sections of the rulebook related to virtual testing _____
  • I reviewed entire video via the link I intend to send before submitting to test chair _____
  • Video orientation is horizontal _____
  • Skater’s whole body is zoomed in on and in frame for entire test _____
  • There are no more than 8 skaters on the session _____
  • Skater has a colored shirt/skater belt on for easy identification (if session has multiple other skaters) _____
  • Video is not blurry _____
  • The music is clearly audible (if this is a FS, pattern dance or free dance test) _____
  • I understand if all of the above criteria is not met, recording will be rejected by test chair _____

From USFS Virtual Testing Video Requirements:



Send to Traci Kemper prior to the last day of the month for judging. Results will be available approximately 7 days after the end of the month. Links to the required forms are located at the bottom of this page.

Due to the September 30 deadline for qualifying levels, test will need to be submitted by September 15 to ensure the results will be recorded in time.

EntryEeze Registration for AYFSC Test Sessions
Virtual Video Requirements/Instructions
Coaches Virtual Test Session Checklist
Name and Likeness Release and Consent Agreement
Affidavit for Virtual Test Submission
IJS Protocol for Test Credit Request Form

We use EntryEeze for all test session registrations!
Please use this link and these instructions

AYFSC Test Schedule
To be placed on a test session, the test application and appropriate fees must be in the hands of the appropriate test chair. Applications are requested at least 3 weeks prior to desired test date. Test sessions are filled on a first come, first served basis.  

Test Center Locations:

Great Park Ice & Five Points Arena
888 Ridge Valley, Irvine, CA 92618
Freeskate / Moves in the Field / Dance testing
Contact Jayne Rendel

Satellite Locations

Center Ice Arena
201 S. Plum, Ontario, Ca 91761
Freeskate / Moves in the Field / Dance testing
Contact Eileen Welke

Iceoplex – Simi Valley
Freeskate / Moves in the Field / Dance testing
131 West Easy Street, Simi Valley, CA 93065
(805) 520 RINK (7465)
Contact Marina Nash

The Rinks at Lakewood
** Test sessions will be hosted in August, September and November. Please check here for specific dates and times **
Freeskate / Moves in the Field / Dance testing
3975 Pixie Avenue, Lakewood
Contact Eva-Marie Amiya

L.A. Kings Icetown – Riverside
Freeskate / Moves in the Field / Dance testing
10540 Magnolia, Suite A, Riverside, CA 92505
Contact Jayne Rendel

L.A. Kings Valley Ice Center
8750 Van Nuys Blvd, Panorama City
Freeskate / Moves in the Field / Dance testing
Contact  Tracy Kemper

The Rinks at Poway
12455 Kerran St., Poway, CA 92064
Freeskate / Moves in the Field / Dance testing
Contact  Erin Liddle


Test Session Events

At Great Park/Irvine:

At Center Ice Ontario:

At Iceoplex - Simi Valley:

At The Rinks at Lakewood:

At Riverside IceTown:

At L.A. Kings Valley Ice Center:

At Poway Ice Arena:

Test Sessions Downloads and Forms